Eye Health Solutions

  • Does your vision prevent you from enjoying some of your activities?
  • Can you read regular print in newspapers, magazines or books?
  • Do you have difficulty reading labels or prices at the supermarket?
  • Do you have any discomfort due to the amount of light?

Your vision can reach a level where you need more than just glasses or contact lenses to see well enough to read or complete your everyday tasks. Living with vision loss does not mean you should stop cooking, exercising, socializing or enjoying a good book. With the help of vision aids, you can still be independent and enjoy your regular activities as usual.

What causes vision loss?

A person may have vision loss as the result of an injury to the eye or one of several eye-related conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Some people are also born with low vison.

What are the symptoms?

Your central or peripheral vision (or both) may be reduced. An impairment of central vision can cause difficulties when reading, writing, performing precise work, seeing colors or recognizing faces.

An impairment of peripheral vision means that the field of vision is reduced; feeling as though you’re looking through a tunnel. This results in difficulty moving without bumping into objects.

Blurred vision, double, distorted images and dark or white spots may occur. Light sensitivity is also present in many people losing their vision.

Reclaim your independence with innovative solutions

There is a wide range of vision aids designed to help improve your quality of life and empower you to do the things you truly enjoy. Vision aids come in an array of strengths and designs. The vision aid you might need depends on the type of vision loss you have, the degree of loss, light and glare needs, and your ability to handle and operate the aid.

Electronic Magnifiers – For anyone looking for more than an optical magnifier, the ultra-portable Explorē line is designed for active people who wish to have an electronic magnifier with them wherever they go. Handheld electronic magnifiers provide variable magnification, contrast enhancement and a wider screen. Compact, smart and easy to use, Explorē magnifiers gives the user independence to complete daily tasks; whether at a restaurant the library, shopping or at work, reading, viewing pictures or even signing documents.

Lighting solutions – The aging eye needs up to three times more light to perform daily tasks and people with vision loss require significantly more. Ottlite Illumination is specifically formulated to bring clarity and detail of natural daylight indoors. Low heat and low glare illumination dramatically reduces eyestrain. Task lighting can be aimed directly at what needs to be illuminated.

Fitovers with medical filters – Whether you want to enjoy outdoor activities, improve your vision at night, read, or watch TV, fitovers are the perfect solution to use with or without your prescription glasses in indoor or outdoor light conditions. Our Cocoons fitovers are perfectly adapted to suit the various needs of those with specific vision requirements. These anti-glare sunglasses increase comfort and improve definition while eliminating glare from the sides and top, to provide the best protection.