Meet your Just 4 Eyes optical team

  • Rena Fairey, R.O., R.C.L.P., Frame Consultant  Rena founded Just 4 Eyes in 2000 with the desire to save clients from the typical overwhelming ‘wall of frames’ experience. Offering a more personalized approach to eyewear selection, Rena uses her knowledge in face shape and colouring to match frames to the personalities and lifestyles of her clients. Rena considers “fit, fashion and function” to simplify the selection process and make each client’s experience a memorable one.

    Seeing a client’s eye colour pop with just the right frame, or witnessing the moment when they realize their new frames take ten years off their age, never gets old for Rena. The fun and relaxed atmosphere she has created for both clients and staff encourages smiles and contagious laughter.

    Rena is fulfilled when clients leave feeling happy and confident with their eyewear or eye health solutions. Rena is grateful for the ability to live out her passion every day at Just 4 Eyes.

  • Melanie Elmslie, Office Manager Melanie has been with Just 4 Eyes for 5 years, taking care of all the behind-the-scenes administration that helps Just 4 Eyes provide clients with an exceptional experience.

    Watching the transformation that occurs when a customer puts on their new pair of glasses is what motivates Melanie. She believes that the right pair of glasses can completely change someone’s demeanor, look and their overall sense of confidence. Melanie’s excellent listening and organizational skills, positivity and compassionate approach are essential to ensuring every customer walks away not just happy, but thrilled with their purchase.

  • Pamela Mele, Client Care Administrative Assistant Pamela knows that a new pair of glasses has the power to change not only how we see the world, but also how we see ourselves. Making the selection process and eye care as convenient as possible is at the core of Pamela’s role with Just 4 Eyes. She employs her strong organizational skills to ensure glasses are prepped for wear and successfully delivered to their owners.

    Passionate about ever-evolving eyewear trends, Pamela enjoys the opportunity to develop her creative side every day at work. Pamela cannot emphasize enough the importance of feeling great in a pair of glasses, and she’s committed to ensuring clients experience positive feelings every morning when they put on their best accessory.