Everyone experiences dry eyes from time to time, right? It can be seasonal allergies, weather, climate, a symptom of blue light fatigue, or even a side-effect of some drugs. For many, dry eyes is simply the aging process. For some, dry eyes is a chronic condition.

Luckily, dry eyes, even if the cause is dry eye syndrome, can be easily treated and in many cases, it’s completely curable. Managing your dry eyes will not only make you much more comfortable. It can improve your vision.

  • Begin with home remedies. We are exposed to environmental factors, bright digital lights, and controlled climate situations all the time that can lead to dry eyes. Something as simple as a warm compress can offer relief.

  • Try eye drops. Artificial tears, or eye drops, are the perfect solution for most people. Finding the right eye drops, however, can be a challenge. Just 4 Eyes is the only provider of one of the best eye drop brands on the market, I-Med. Try them now and ‘see’ the difference for yourself.

  • Get blue light blocking lenses. Every day, our eyes are subjected to the strain of damaging blue light when we spend time on our digital devices, watch TV, or sit under energy-saving light bulbs. The solution is to choose from our selection of blue light blocking lenses.

  • See a doctor. Ask your Just 4 Eyes professional about options. Opthamologists can decide whether a round of steroids may be useful. Prescription eye drops are a common solution. And there are options like punctal plugs, gland expression, and more that may be required for more severe cases.

For more information on blue light read our blog.

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